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Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Chetana E-Techno

Chetana E-Techno School Affiliated to Chetana Educational Trust Headquartered in Davangere.This is formed with an objective to provide world-class education to prepare young minds to compete in the global arena in future. A school is a unit of world-renowned Chetana E-Techno School. With a vision "Knowledge is structured in consciousness", the school has been providing outstanding education through committed, highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff.

Our consistently updated curriculum, advanced technology enabled teaching methods and personalized attention ensures that the children receive the right dose of education, attitude, inspiration, problem solving abilities, communication skills and knowledge every passing year. We believe the environment created enables the children to learn and achieve their best socially and academically.

Why Choose Us?

Our School is one which nurtures the quest for knowledge in students and also helps them become the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

  • More emphasis on M.P.C by amalgamating state board syllabus with CBSE and ICSE syllabus.
  • IIT orientation right from 6th class with higher concepts.
  • Intensive coaching is given for student to appear for state / National level competitive exams like NTSE,NSTSE, SIMO,SISO,NSO,RMO etc.
Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Best Education System

Our goal in education is to provide every Student with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximize his or her potential. In creating opportunities for all.

Schools in Vidyaranyapura


Chetana E-Techno School provides following facilities: Classrooms, Free Book Bank, Central Library, Transport Sports (Indoor , outdoor) Central Computing Facility, Central Workshops.

Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Experienced Staff

The Quality of the Academics Staff is decisive for the quality of the School. at Chetana E - Techno School the members of the Academic staff come from accomplish. background with vast experience in the field of education that have shaped many of minds.

Aim and Objectives Of Chetana E-Techno School

Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Teaching Through Technology

Teaching with Technology can deepen Students learning by supporting Instructional Objectives.

Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Preparing The Students For Global Competitions

The mission of Chetana E - Techno School is to promotes our student achievements preparation for global competitiveness fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

Schools in Vidyaranyapura

Strengthening Students Knowledge in M.P.C

Chetana E-Techno School We Prepare the student Comprehensively for Competitive exam Provide school teachers with real motivation to strengthen their Mathematics Physics Chemistry Content knowledge.

Schools in Vidyaranyapura

To Prepare the Students to Face the Challenges in Day to Day Life

Chetana E-Techno School We Prepare the students to Face the Challenges in Day to Day Life including the ability to collaborate and evaluate information accuracy,and make every day a learning experience.


Schools in Vidyaranyapura

To Mingle with Members of the Society Freely without any Inhibition

This can Affect your Motivation towards wanting to mingle. that can take the edge off those feelings of inhibition, and make them easier overcome.

Chetana E-Techno School Programmes

Our School is one which nurtures the quest for knowledge in students and also helps them become the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

  • Integration of SSC, CBSE and ICSE syllabus with linked topics of future classes in the detailed way for the chapter based research work.
  • Limited strength and more personalized teaching.
  • 1 + 1 system of academics.
  • Scientifically designed study material which is simple and effective.
  • Month wise micro schedules.
  • Lab facility for practical orientation of subject.
  • Audio – Visual Lab.
  • Weekly IIT model exam supported by IRCT programme.
  • Special Orientations with exclusive packages for NTSE and Olympiads preparation.

Chetana E-Techno School Academic Features

  • An ideal classroom with Latest Technology.
  • Activity Based learning.
  • Integrated syllabus (SSC/CBSE/ICSE).
  • Mind space increasing Programme.
  • Research oriented Teaching.
  • Teacher – Student Ratio – 1:15.
  • Laboratories.
  • Academic Workshop.
  • Integration of Audio-visual aids.
  • CDF (Concept, Definitions, Formulae) Programme.
  • Relaxation Techniques.
  • Different Olympiad Exams.
  • Video Conference Oriented Quiz competitions.

At a Glance




Our Facilities

Facilities that make for a superior learning environment. We present a host of facilities that lend a comprehensive edge to the learning approach. We also extend our unstinting support to the cause of a dynamic environment that allows them to explore and enhance many facets of learning.

Library Facility

The School has an automated Library spacious enough to accommodate 200 students.


Our spacious and well-ventilated classrooms are equipped with a projector,a computer and EduComp’s Smart Class software for teachers to introduce audio-visual based modules that complement the curricular contents of the subjects, making learning easier and more enjoyable for the students. Students are also provided cubicles to store their stationery


We Provide Karate Training for Our Students, from beginning to advanced levels.

Audio – Visual Lab

Our Audio – Visual Lab allows students to utilize the data gathered from the Visuals, The goal of audio-visual aids is to enhance teacher's ability to present the lesson in simple, effective and easy to understand for the students

Yoga and Meditation

Chetan E-Techno School will provide training for Student of Yoga and Meditation

Sports And Games

The school boasts of a 2 acres sporting facility for various sporting disciplines such as track and Field,Sportsmanship is something that every student is trained to develop, execute and internalize in Chetana E-Techno School.

Admission Form

Chetan E-Techno School Bangalore

Admission Form

What Students Say

Listen to what some of our students have to say about studying Education Programs at Chetana E-Techno School

It was really helpful
I love the classes offered and the professionality of the Teachers. in their field, coming with experience and not just academic.
Ankit Patil

6th std

It was really helpful
My experience at the Chetana E-Techno School was overall pretty good. The environment is very comfortable for everyone and it's a School that makes students want to be themselves and its no judgment about who you are. Some components I will like to change about School is more support from school staff such as the Student
Varun G

7th std

It was really helpful
Coming to The Chetana E-Techno School was the best decision I made. My favorite part of this School is all the learning opportunities it brings. In class, the learning style is so different from anything I had ever seen because we are taught to learn from other people's experiences and by engaging in conversations
Preetham H

5th std

It was really helpful
The Teachers here are generally really amazing - they are all experts in their field - however there really is no sense of community at the School which can make it difficult to make friends, connections, and relationships.
Sharanya K

9th std

It was really helpful
One of The Best School in Bangalore,
Sushma S

8th std

It was really helpful
Chetana E-Techno School was overall pretty good.
Kruthika p

6th std

Schools in Vidyaranyapura
Schools in Vidyaranyapura
Schools in Vidyaranyapura
Schools in Vidyaranyapura
Schools in Vidyaranyapura
Schools in Vidyaranyapura

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